Platform Development

Order - $20,000.00


With technology progressing every day, enterprises need a strong foundation to underpin their business objectives. Delivering the services alone is not enough. They need to find a way to adhere to the stringent deadlines and deliver the services on time. As a leading Development Company, Navtech offers a timely delivery of web and Mobile App Development Services to attain your business goals. Our diverse experience coupled with the unique insights into technology enables us to build sterling on-demand apps or solutions. We help enterprises to increase their productivity, which in turn helps them to procure an increased ROI. With us, enterprises can cherish flexible and reliable ways to stay competitive. From Transport to Healthcare, our experts cater to a diverse range of industry verticals.




Modernisation has increased the scope for innovation significantly. Enterprises that are able to cater to the vital demands of people are transforming the world. According to a survey, innovative platforms are able to attract around 22 Million people annually. Popular examples include Uber, AirBNB etc. This presents enterprises, especially startups, with a golden opportunity to leverage on the gradually evolving on-demand economy. Therefore, if you are looking for an ambitious partner with skill, Navtech is the right choice for you. Platform Development Services have the potential to craft an idea into a productive business solution



Estimated delivery time

3 months. This is a very rough estimate, actual time may vary.





We have built capabilities around Big Data platform implementation from ETL, data processing, compute, data orchestration, visualization, reporting, analytics, ML and AI.