Analytic Solution



  • The Vertica Analytic Database is the first RDBMS designed specifically for on-demand, infinitely scalable Business Intelligence in virtualized and cloud environments.
  • Optimized for MPP grids, Vertica can be deployed on your enterprise cloud using virtualization infrastructure on CloudServe
  • This allows data warehousing to gain the benefits that virtualization, consolidation and cloud computing bring, including easier management, high availability, datacenter energy savings and faster deployment of solutions to the business.


  • Grid-based database architecture that allows Vertica to scale effectively on clusters of commodity CPUs.
  • A hybrid data store, where newly inserted records are added to a write optimized portion of the database to allow continuous, high-performance insert operations concurrently with querying to enable real-time analytics.
  • Automated physical database design tools that recommend how data should be organized both locally on each node in a cluster, as well as horizontally partitioned across a cluster. In addition to choosing projections and sort orders, these tools ensure k-safety, meaning that all data is replicated on multiple nodes so that k node failures can be tolerated by the system without interrupting functionality. These tools reduce administrative costs by simplifying physical database design decisions. They also allow Vertica to automatically adapt to on the-fly the addition or removal of database nodes.
  • High-performance, ACID-compliant database system with a light-weight transaction and concurrency control scheme that is optimized towards loading and querying data. Vertica’s failure recovery model is based on replication (ksafety) rather than traditional log-based methods.
  • Flexible deployment options
    • Downloaded and installed on Linux servers of your choice
    • Pre-configured hardware
    • Licensed and used on an on-demand basis
  • Monitoring and administration tools and APIs for controlling performance, backup and disaster recovery, etc.

Benefit / Value

  • “Scale-out” MPP grid architecture – handles changing workloads as elastically as the cloud
  • Aggressive data compression and columnar storage – speeds performance and minimizes I/O
  • Built-in HA – automatic replication, failover and recovery for business continuity
  • Fastest “Time to Terabyte” – ready for loading within minutes
  • Fastest performance – 100x to 1000x faster than other cloud databases
  • Runs 24×7 – Automatic K-Safety makes Vertica the only failure-resilient analytic cloud DBMS
  • Lowest startup cost – No upfront hardware, data center or admin overhead. Just pay for database usage until you’re done, then stop paying for it
  • Painless scalability – Scales seamlessly as data volume changes
  • Smallest footprint – Compresses data up to 90% to lower costs and improve performance