Virtual Data Center

a real data center environment


The traditional model of buying racks, equipment, network and building solutions is directly tied to the ability to control your IT infrastructure. It gives you the freedom to tailor the solution to meet your needs. VDC automatically reduces power, space, cabling, and network overheads for the customer, dramatically shrinking implementation time to a fraction of its physical counterpart and eliminating any unexpected costs relating to physical deployments. With VDC, IT managers can commission and de-commission a functionally exact, virtual colocation facility. The Virtual Data Center creates a real data center environment that gives you same freedom as before. Virtual Data Centre gives you complete control – you specify the total size of resources available and allocate from that to each machine, right down to the block level on disc or the thread of a CPU. Not only can you customize it, you can do it all in real time only using what you need when you need it.


  • Self provision your Virtual Data Center
  • Easy to adjust capacity of VM to match your requirement
  • Provide monitoring service for preventive maintenance such as Load of CPU, RAM , Disk capacity
  • Provide monitoring service for physical device
  • Provide manage service up on request

Benefit / Value

  • Integrated network control allowing for private and hybrid network topologies
  • Real time scalability and on demand provisioning
  • Fully customisable machines and environments. You specify RAM, CPU and storage, as well as where and when you backup data. Ideal for backup or DR purposes
  • 70% maintenance and personnel costs of physical colocation service
  • Cut overall costs with either simple Payfor-What-you-Use Pricing


  • We also provide remote access service to connect to VDC. That can make sure that Customer can connect from everywhere with trusted security.
  • Customer can select Firewall Service to fit their own need.
  • We provide Backup/Restore service for customer that can serve customer’s requirement.